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Instructions for Printing


Click the "View Map" button below. The map will then automatically open on your computer. Depending on your computer and speed of your internet connection this may take a moment. Once loaded and you see the map on your screen, print it by clicking the printer icon in the toolbar.

An instructional image with an arrow pointing to print button in the Adobe Reader plugin for Internet Explorer

The picture above is an example of how the printer icon might look on your computer. It will only be visible once you have opened the map. Click the button below to open and view the map.

View Map

Not Working? - Do you have Adobe Reader?


If the map does not open automatically or you receive an error message by clicking the "View Map" button, you may not have Adobe Reader installed.

Adobe Reader is a free program which allows you to view and print online documents and forms such as these. Download and install Adobe Reader here. This program is free, contains no Spyware or Adware and collects no personal information.

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