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Doctor Rosemary Leitch Ob/Gyn practioners provide care for patients with normal pregnancies. We also arrange certain high risk pregnancy situations. Patients with major complications of pregnancy may be referred to a perinatologist. The material provided on this web page is for information and entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for prenatal visits in our office. Consult one of our physicians for information pertinent to your situation.


Prenatal Care


The staff of Doctor Rosemary Leitch Ob/Gyn attempts to provide prenatal care incorporating the most up to date practices. We include information from the Cochrane collaboration for effective care in childbirth and pregnancy into our plans of care.

Traditionally, low risk patients in our office receive 14 to 16 prenatal visits. During these visits we will check your urine and blood pressure. Blood tests will be required during the initial visits and again as needed. Measurements of your abdominal growth, your weight and listening of the fetal heart will be performed. Additional forms of monitoring will also occur especially as you approach the time of delivery.

Please feel free to call our nursing staff for major concerns that occur between office visits.

A pregnancy is divided into three trimesters as follows:
  • 1st trimester 0 -13 weeks
  • 2nd trimester 14-28 weeks
  • 3rd trimester 29 - term

Am I Pregnant?


Pregnancy tests are available in our office or they can be purchased from a pharmacy. The most accurate method of testing is blood testing for the hormone beta hcg to determine if the pregnancy is healthy, multiple blood tests spread out over several days may be necessary. If you get a positive result call the office for an appointment and begin prenatal vitamins with folic acid as soon as possible.


Top Ten Signs Of Pregnancy

  1. Missed period
  2. Tender breasts
  3. Nausea
  4. Fatigue
  5. Frequent urination
  6. Headaches
  7. Spotting
  8. Light headedness
  9. Constipation
  10. Heartburn

Preconceptual Counseling


Many patients choose to take the opportunity to meet with one of our physicians prior to becoming pregnant. Healthy changes such as instituting folic acid prior to conception as well as discontinuing some medications as well as alcohol may be advisable. Exercise and diet counseling, discontinuing smoking and domestic abuse screening are now part of preconceptual care guidelines recommended by the US Preventative Services Task Force.




The physicians of Doctor Rosemary Leitch Ob/Gyn deliver at the following hospitals:

  • Park view North
  • Park view Main
  • Lutheran
  • Dupont

Special arrangements can be made to deliver at St. Joseph's hospital however we do not maintain privileges for this at this facility on a routine basis.


Back Up Coverage


The physicians of Doctor Rosemary Leitch Ob/Gyn provide back up coverage for each other. If you wish to meet each doctor in the practice do not hesitate to ask even if it is just to say hello. Each doctor is usually able to deliver her own patients.


Childbirth Classes


There are many choices available for childbirth classes. Most of our patients take hospital based classes. We are happy to work with the doctor or other practitioner of your choice.


Ultrasound Policy


3D/4D ultrasound is available in our office. Our sonographers are certified and have had extensive training. The main purpose of the ultrasound is to provide medically necessary imaging to keep you and your baby safe. Check with your insurance company for the coverage they provide for ultrasounds. Insurance companies definitely vary.


Biling Practices


Affordable health insurance for our diverse patient group is our intention. We are providers for the common insurance companies. Patients without health insurance are welcome to make a payment schedule with our billing personnel. We are not Medicaid providers.


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Many pamphlets from ACOG are available in our office, please see our nurse.

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